NCVO Survey: The impact of inflation on charities delivering public services

Date posted: 10th August 2023

Income from government and public bodies through grants and contracts to deliver public services makes up 26% of the voluntary sector’s income. Underfunding of these services is a longstanding problem for the sector, and it is now being exacerbated by the cost of living crisis. 

Voluntary infrastructure bodies are working together to make the case to government for sustainably funded public services. This survey from NCVO will help us to build our evidence of this problem, and influence government. 

This survey is about services funded by contracts and grants from government (both central and local) and public bodies. It is not about funding from trusts and foundations, public giving or enterprise. 

The survey closes at 12pm on 1st September. We expect the survey to take you around 10 minutes to complete once you’ve gathered the relevant information. This survey would be best completed by someone in your organisation who has responsibility for or oversight of bidding for public service contracts and grants.

To answer this survey you will need approximate information about  

  • The value of your contracts and grants, and what type of commissioners you deliver services for 
  • Whether your contracts or grants have been uplifted and by how much  
  • The impact of underfunding on pay 
  • The impact of underfunding on your ability to deliver services  

The aggregate and individual responses will be shared within NCVO and the infrastructure bodies that we are working with on this issue. We won’t attribute your answers to your organisation when speaking publicly or to decision makers without your explicit permission.  

You have the option of leaving your email address at the end of the survey so we can follow up with you to ask further questions or ask if you would be happy to offer us a case study, but this is not required. If you do decide to share your email address with us, we won’t share your contact details with any other organisation. You can read our privacy policy here on our website ( 

If your organisation requires practical support please look at the guidance and training available on the NCVO website.

If you have any questions about how to fill in this survey, please contact  Please email us if you need a word document version of these questions. 

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