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This page is for health professionals and those working on programmes to support our communities to have healthier hearts. This includes staff within partners delivering the checks such as those from football club community trusts, pharmacies, leisure centres along with NHS and public health staff. 

Stroke Prevention Strategy

You can download the Stroke Prevention Strategy for Lancashire and South Cumbria here (PDF, 1000KB).

This information is available in our Stroke Information Guide

Organisations across Lancashire and South Cumbria have worked together to create an easy to understand Stroke Information Guide to provide access to good quality, appropriate information for professionals, stroke patients, their families and carers and anyone affected by stroke.

The information within the guide aims to be useful to aid recovery and prevent an initial or further stroke.

The guide was created with the involvement of health and care professionals, local people, stroke survivors and their carers and relatives.

Open the Stroke Information Guide here.

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