Guidance for developing integrated care

Integrated care developments in Lancashire and South Cumbria

Over the last few years in Lancashire and South Cumbria, a number of organisations have been working in a more collaborative way. This includes NHS organisations, local authorities, the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector, hospices and local universities.

For information on the development of integrated care and new legislation to establish statutory Integrated Care Systems please click here. 


National guidance for developing Integrated Care Systems

Since June 2021, there have been a number of national guidance documents which have been published to set out the establishments of integrated care and Integrated Care Systems. 

Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector features in many of these guidance documents which are all available to download here (opens in a new window).

One of the guidance documents which will be of particular importance to VCFSE partners is the ICS implementation guidance on partnerships with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (link opens in a new window).  This guidance provides more detail on how to embed voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector partnerships in ICSs, for health and care leaders from all organisations in ICSs that are developing partnerships across local government, health, housing, social care and the VCSE sector.

The ICS Design Framework sets the expectation that integrated care board (ICB) governance and decision-making arrangements support close working with the VCSE sector as a strategic partner in shaping, improving and delivering services, and developing and delivering plans to tackle the wider determinants of health.


For more information on how work is developing to embed voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector partners in ICSs please contact your local VCFSE Alliance lead.

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