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Integrated Care

Over the last few years in Lancashire and South Cumbria, a number of organisations have been working in a more collaborative way. This includes NHS organisations, local authorities, the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector and local universities.

We have already made great progress in improving the way our services work together and how we work as a partnership.

As part of these developments we wanted to produce some narrative documents as early as possible to explain how the partners are working together to move towards delivering more integrated care across Lancashire and South Cumbria, which you can see below. 

There’s plenty that we can say about what’s happening and how we are making progress, but there’s also some of the detail that we don’t know yet. Some of this will depend on decisions that are yet to be made nationally, however our vision, purpose and reasons for moving to this way of working won’t change.


Our vision and purpose

The partnership of organisations working across the Integrated Care System have agreed a clear purpose for our work together. This will happen in neighbourhoods, local places and across the whole of Lancashire and South Cumbria.


Delivering Integrated Care: Summary

We have produced a document to explain how we are moving towards delivering integrated care in Lancashire and South Cumbria. The summary covers where we are now and what the future will look like, how this will benefit our communities and what this means for staff working across the Lancashire and South Cumbria Health and Care Partnership.


Our Clinical Strategy: Creating a Healthy Population

The core clinical strategy for Lancashire and South Cumbria outlines the direction we will take to develop our clinical services over the next ten years. The strategy outlines the six key areas of focus:

  • Health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Living well
  • Managing Illness
  • Urgent and Emergency Care
  • End of Life Care, including Frailty and Dementia
  • Workforce

The strategy looks at what actions we plan to take as a Health and Care Partnership to improve outcomes in each of these areas. This was developed through working with clinical leaders across Lancashire and South Cumbria to ensure it captures the ambitions of the whole system.


Our stories: joined up working in action

There are lots of examples of ways in which organisations across Lancashire and South Cumbria are working together to deliver better services and outcomes to the people living and working there. To highlight the benefits of joined up working, we have gathered some stories to show how we are already making a difference through partnership working.


Our draft integrated care strategy for Lancashire and South Cumbria

The NHS Long-Term Plan set the ambition that every part of the country should be an integrated care system by 2021. Lancashire and South Cumbria was one of the first 14 areas to be announced as working as an integrated care system in 2018. 

The partnership of organisations working across the Integrated Care System have agreed a clear purpose for our work together and a draft strategy has been developed with involvement from all partners which sets out as a system how we will deliver the aims of the NHS Long Term Plan and address the most urgent needs of our population.

The document was in draft form in early 2020, however it was never published as a full strategy due to the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic response.