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Stroke Information Guide

Stroke is the third largest cause of death in England.

A stroke could happen to anyone at any time and is caused by either a block in a blood vessel that leads to the brain or by bleeding in or around the brain. Following a stroke some people recover completely, others need rehabilitation and further support, but others do not survive.

Organisations across Lancashire and South Cumbria have worked together to create an easy to understand Stroke Information Guide to provide access to good quality, appropriate information for professionals, stroke patients, their families and carers and anyone affected by stroke.

The information within the guide aims to be useful to aid recovery and prevent an initial or further stroke.

The guide was created with the involvement of health and care professionals, local people, stroke survivors and their carers and relatives.


Lancashire & South Cumbria Directory of Stroke Services

A directory of Stroke Services is available here for practical use by stroke rehabilitation teams in referring stroke patients to the services they need. The directory is produced and maintained by the Stroke Association and is updated in January and July each year.

The directory has been shared with staff working in stroke services and to teams who have a role in signposting stroke patients across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

To provide feedback on the directory so that improvements can be made please contact the Stroke Association

Email: Telephone: 0161 745 8222

Download the directory (Excel Format)

Please note: the directory is in Microsoft Excel format due to the level of detail included within the directory.

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