Think Digital Hackathon brings together clinicians, developers and members of the public

Date posted: 26th July 2017 Think Digital Hackathon brings together clinicians, developers and members of the public thumbnail image

A Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria Think Digital Hackathon saw clinicians, members of the public, IT developers and health and care staff come together to move forward innovation across health and care in just a few hours at Lancaster University.

The event saw groups of people from a range of health, private and community organisations working in teams to develop creative solutions across three ideas which tackled issues related to supporting people at home to take medication correctly, providing a virtual GP call centre to give better access for patients and how sensors can monitor output to prevent acute kidney injury.

This was the third day in a series of events that heard over 20 innovations from a wealth of provider and commissioner organisations across Lancashire and South Cumbria. Those involved in the sessions were able to vote for the top three ideas to go forward to this final hackathon day.

In addition to GPs from West Lancashire and south Cumbria and members of the public, there were also representatives from a number of private technology sector organisations including Amazon Web Services.

Dr Amanda Thornton, Clinical Lead for Digital Health for Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria said:

“It was fantastic to have a mix of people with different skills and perspectives with real energy for thinking creatively, working collaboratively and bringing innovation for some of the real challenges we face in health and care. By bringing together patients, clinicians and technical people, teams were able to take ideas on paper and turn them into a reality in just a few hours."

Declan Hadley, Digital Lead for Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria added:

“Innovation and transformation within digital health is a key priority for the Lancashire and South Cumbria Sustainability and Transformation Partnership which is focused on improving health and care for local people.”

Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria is the sustainability and transformation partnership for the region which sees organisations coming together to improve outcomes and care for local people, reduce pressures on services and make best use of our financial resources.


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