Team of the Year award for local diabetes team

Date posted: 18th December 2018

The Central Lancashire and North Lancashire DESMOND team has won the Team of the Year award in the Celebrating DESMOND Annual Awards Programme.   

DESMOND is a UK NHS training course for people with type 2 diabetes which helps people to identify their own health risks and to set their own goals in order to manage and improve their health.

The awards are to reward excellence in the DESMOND community and also to highlight, champion and celebrate good practice.The judges thought the entry showed ‘star quality’ and were impressed by the teams commitment to the DESMOND philosophy and principles, adding that the submission demonstrated that the team are making a difference to the lives of people with type 2 diabetes by going above and beyond in delivering the DESMOND programme across Central Lancashire and North Lancashire localities.

Team Manager Heather Platt said: “The teams’ sustained contribution is a credit to them and the impact they have had on our patients is very evident which is reflected in the feedback we receive each month. Our level of compliments ranks highly within our Community and Well Being Network. This consistently positive feedback is a true accomplishment and an honest reflection of the impact a solid and practical approach to DESMOND diabetes education can bring, enhancing the lives of our patients and encouraging self-care. The teams dogged determination and conscientious attitude has helped us improve attendance in our North Lancashire area.  

The amount of positive feedback responses from our evaluation forms is exemplary. Our tremendous testimonials from patients who have benefitted from structured education and allied health professionals who have attended DESMOND as an observer supports the value of DESMOND and the lifestyle changes it brings, improving the long term outcomes for our type 2 patients. This consistent quality enhances the delivery of care in our localities.

In addition, 2018 has seen the team working collaboratively with 2 local authorities, Blackpool Council and Preston City Council securing rooms to deliver DESMOND in Blackpool town centre library and Preston Town Hall therefore increasing access to services in town centre locations. Collaboration with Lancashire Police Headquarters has resulted in a more integrated approach to our promotional networks

It is wonderful for the DESMOND team to have the opportunity to be recognised and celebrate their efforts and success.  It is well deserved and we are delighted to have received this DESMOND Team of the Year award.”

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