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Pharmacists across Lancashire urge at risk groups to get a flu vaccination

14th September 2020

Pharmacists from across Lancashire are urging at risk groups to get a flu vaccination this winter. Their message to people is to ‘Prepare and protect’ by arranging a free NHS flu vaccination at their usual pharmacy.

This year is expected to bring the biggest, national effort to vaccinate against flu in many years while heightened concern that the risk of contracting flu while COVID-19 is also circulating is rising. All over 65s, 18 to 64s with certain medical conditions and a range of carers are all eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination.

Kath Gulson, Chief Executive Officer at Community Pharmacy Lancashire said:

"A flu vaccination is the single most effective step you can take to help reduce the risk of contracting flu this winter. As part of our contribution to achieving national targets for flu vaccination in at risk groups, the majority of community pharmacies in Lancashire are offering free NHS flu vaccinations with appropriate social distancing measures in place."

Pharmacies are preparing for what they are expecting to be increased demand for the flu vaccination compared to previous years and are encouraging people to get in touch and arrange a vaccination as early as possible in the flu season to provide maximum protection.

Getting a vaccination against flu will help to protect you, your community and the NHS this winter.