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Maternity visiting restrictions during COVID-19

30th October 2020

We know that pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most important times in the lives of you and your family. We understand that our families in Lancashire and South Cumbria feel strongly about the current visiting restrictions in place at local maternity departments.

Since 8 April 2020, visiting to maternity units has been restricted. Each individual Trust in Lancashire and South Cumbria has been continually reviewing their visiting restrictions in consultation with our Maternity Voice Partnerships and in line with risk assessments, national guidance and recommendations – including the Framework to assist NHS trusts to reintroduce access for partners, visitors and other supporters of pregnant women in English maternity services (opens in new window) This framework was released on 8 September 2020.

Why are there differences in visiting restrictions between hospitals in Lancashire and South Cumbria?

From 23 October 2020 and with the introduction of different tiers, visiting is now subject to local discretion by each individual health care Trust. The rules around visiting are decided in line with both local and national rates of infection in order to continue to keep patients, staff, visitors and the local community safe during the pandemic.

Visiting restrictions at your local Trust may be different to those at another within Lancashire and South Cumbria due to varying rates of local Covid-19 infection. You will always be able to have at least one birth partner with you during labour and birth if they do not have symptoms of or confirmed Coronavirus.

Our commitment

We will continue to support women, pregnant people and their families during this difficult time while we work together with our Maternity Voice Partnerships to maintain a safe environment within our maternity services across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

All these restrictions will continue to be under review. Please visit the website or social media pages of the trust at which you plan to give birth to keep up to date with most current information.

You can read more about hospital visits across Lancashire and South Cumbria here

Alternative sources of information

Maternity Voices Partnership also have some information on their social media pages listed below: