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The importance of coproduction in making personalised care happen

3rd July 2020

Coproduction is at the heart of everything we do when using a personalised care approach to mental and physical health.

Personalised care is the care that is best for the person; by giving individuals time to talk about their needs, and how these can be met in partnership with a healthcare professional. It combines the expertise and advice of those best placed to help in terms of clinical knowledge, whilst recognising that individuals are the experts of their own life.

Personalised care happens when we make the most of the expertise, capacity and potential of people, families and communities. This is why coproduction is so important. Patients, their families and carers have been involved in developing the Personalised Care model across Lancashire and South Cumbria from the outset, working alongside our health professionals.

Coproduction, when used in personalised care, involves listening and respecting the contribution that a patient can make to ensure that the care provided helps that person live the life they want to. Using coproduction in this way results in better health and wellbeing outcomes plus more effective and joined up services.

This week is national Coproduction Week and is an opportunity to share the stories of a very active and enthusiastic group of lived-experience volunteers who have been on the personalised care journey from the outset. As a group they have all experienced some element of personalised care that has made a real difference to them. It is more than consultation or offering limited choice from a service menu; its shared decision making, personalised care and support planning, enabling choice, social prescribing, supported self-management and personal health budgets.

Listen to their stories on our Let’s Get Personal playlist in YouTube.

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