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Implementation of revised and updated clinical policy on Assisted Conception Services

12th November 2018

We wish to bring to the attention of patients and members of the public that the revised and updated clinical policy for assisted conception services has been approved by the CCG.  A new policy for commissioning spinal injections and radiofrequency denervation for low back pain has also been approved.

GPs and hospital doctors and consultants are required to follow these policies when considering your treatment.  Please talk to your GP or consultant if you wish to know more about whether you are eligible for these services under the revised policies.

The policy for assisted conception services explains the criteria that must be met in order for assisted conception services such as IVF (in vitro fertilisation) to be given on the NHS in this area.

All patients who have already been referred to a specialist provider of assisted conception services will continue to receive the level of service that was in place when the referral was made. The same applies to all patients who are already undergoing treatment.

The main changes to the assisted conception policy can be summarised as follows:

  • A robust expanded definition of a treatment unit
  • Reducing the number of treatment units available to 1
  • Introducing a consistent lower age limit (of 18)
  • Revising the upper age limit to 42
  • Harmonising the criteria to consistently offer the service to couples with no living offspring from any current or previous relationships
  • Introducing a period of two years for the freezing and storage of embryos and gametes (eggs or sperm) not used in the transfer process or up to 10 years for cancer patients, other care pathways and gender dysphoria where this is likely to have a negative impact on reproduction
  • Harmonising the access criteria for female same sex couples and single women

Both these policies, including an easy read version of the assisted conception policy are available on the policies section of the CCG’s website.

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