Evaluation: Knowledge? Evidence? Data?

Date posted: 2nd June 2017 Evaluation: Knowledge? Evidence? Data? thumbnail image

The Better Care Together work is being evaluated through a number of activities including workshops. The second workshop took place 23 May in Lancaster.

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss how the creation, collection and use of data from health providers, support services and the community, can be used to improve health and care services.

The workshop was attended by more than 30 delegates including clinical and non-clinical staff, representatives from public health, voluntary and charity organisations, and NHS England.

The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to suggest topics about data that could be discussed in groups. The focus was on how we can use data, feedback, engagement, experiences etc. to evidence good work, and improve health outcomes for the population of Morecambe Bay.

These workshops provide good opportunities for people to come together to look at what works well, what could be improved and what could be done differently.

Reports from the workshops are available online. If you wish to participate in any discussions or comment on the outcomes of the workshops you will need to register for access to the online reports by contacting:

Kim Shuttleworth, Enterprise & Business Development, University of Cumbria T: 01524 385467, Ext: 5767 E: kim.shuttleworth@cumbria.ac.uk

The next workshop will focus on Professional Boundaries and Cultural Change, and will take place in late summer; we will share the date as soon as it is confirmed.

For further information on the evaluation please contact Kim Shuttleworth as above.

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