Could you be an ‘ambassador’ for the General Practice Forward View in Lancashire and South Cumbria?

Date posted: 10th August 2017 Could you be an ‘ambassador’ for the General Practice Forward View in Lancashire and South Cumbria? thumbnail image

NHS England is looking for people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable champions of primary care transformation in Lancashire and South Cumbria to be ‘ambassadors’ for the General Practice Forward View (GPFV).

This role will be for healthcare professionals such as GPs, pharmacists, practice nurses, GP Federation leads, who are already actively involved, or have an interest in the implementation of the GPFV and are positive advocates of the change and opportunities it will bring.

This will ensure that our workforce and key stakeholders can receive information and updates from trusted local sources.

We know how busy people are and won’t be making huge demands on their time. It’s about having a pool of local experts we can draw on to speak about their own particular areas of interest or expertise.

We’d be looking to develop a 12 month programme of activity for our ambassadors, which could include high profile opportunities to speak to audiences including healthcare professionals, wider stakeholders such as councillors and MPs and the media. There would also be opportunities to write blogs or support social media and press activity. Ideally, we would be looking at some promotional activity once every three months and we will work around people’s existing commitments and availability.

We will be exploring opportunities to offer media training and presentation skills coaching to ambassadors to support them in this work.

Interested or want more information?

Please contact:
Leah Maguire, Senior Communications & Engagement Manager, NHS England (Lancashire & South Cumbria/Cheshire & Merseyside)


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