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People in Lancashire and South Cumbria urged not to ignore eye problems to avoid long term damage

17th June 2020

Health organisations across Lancashire and South Cumbria are urging residents not to ignore eye problems, as the number of patients across the region seeking urgent care for urgent eye conditions has decreased during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

People in the area who need urgent eye care should contact their local opticians or NHS 111 without delay to access urgent eye health services. The sooner treatment can be provided, the better the chances of eye health recovery.
Delays to treatment can have a serious impact on long-term eye health, and in some cases even result in sight loss. Seeking help early will increase the chance of a positive outcome for patients.

Rupesh Bagdai, Interim Chair of the Local Eye Health Network, said:

“I would encourage all patients with eye problems to contact their local optician or NHS 111 as soon as possible. The earlier their eye problem can be treated the better, as this will reduce the likelihood of any long term effects on their eye health.”

Tom Mackley, Optometrist in Community and Hospital said:

“NHS teams are working together to safely provide eye care to people in Lancashire and South Cumbria during the coronavirus pandemic. Many eye appointments are still going ahead, and unless an appointment has been cancelled, please do attend them. If you are having issues with your eyes, please don’t put off or delay treatment as the consequences on your sight could be detrimental.”

For more information about looking after your eyes visit the NHS eye health webpage