Our five provider trusts are committed to work collaboratively, sharing resources to ensure the best possible care for those using our services. Together we have created 'It's Your Move,' our single point of access for career changes.

We have a diverse, professional and skilled workforce in Lancashire and South Cumbria and we want to ensure that we retain those qualities in our health and social care sector through maximising opportunities for our staff to move easily across our 5 Provider Trusts.  We aim to extend this to include primary and social care.

What can we help with?

These are some examples of how It's Your Move could work for you.

Career direction, current vacancies and opportunities


A nurse wants to change specialty and contacts It's Your Move.  The service facilitates discussion on options and arranges bank shifts to test this out and if this remains their wish, then puts them in touch with the relevant team dealing with suitable vacancies. 

The resourcing team arranges an interview without the need for applications, shortlisting and formal interview processes. This makes the process, smoother, easier, faster and motivational for the staff member.  

Flexible working, pre retirement, retire and return


A porter is coming up to retirement and wants to retire and return but his trust isn’t able to offer this, through contacting the It's Your Move we can signpost to the team at a nearby trust to establish if there may be opportunities for retire and return with them. 

They agree and the resourcing teams enable a smooth transfer between organisations. Lancashire and South Cumbria retain a skilled experienced and motivated employee.

Organisational change


An employee is on the trusts redeployment register due to illness and can only work certain hours doing certain tasks. The employing trust has exhausted all options but via It's Your Move a role is found at a trust within the system. The service puts the employee in touch and a job offer is made.

An employee is coming to the end of a fixed-term contract working in finance and the trust no longer needs the role as the substantive post holder is coming back to work following adoption leave. Through It's Your Move, the employee is able to secure a role at another hospital without the need for a recruitment campaign or agency costs as the employee’s skill set matches the needs identified by the other hospital.

As a result of a TUPE transfer, there is a small group of staff potentially displaced. Through It's Your Move, support can be provided to offer guidance on opportunities, source other roles, undertake job trials, and enable development or re-training.



A family are moving from Blackburn to Lancaster and the commute would be too much for the staff nurse so through It's Your Move a role is found at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay and the resourcing team facilitate a smooth transfer from Royal Blackburn Hospital to one of the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay without the need for a full recruitment campaign.

Secondments or talent/stretch assignments


An employee is starting to get itchy feet and can’t see any opportunities within the hospital. After discussing their wishes with the It's Your Move team, they are made aware of a secondment within the system which would build their skills and experience and enable them to add value to their substantive role in the future. They apply for the secondment and are successful. Their move allows the opportunity for a colleague to step up for 12 months as part of their development.