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Health and wellbeing at work

Feeling well, living well, working well

There are 1.7 million people living in Lancashire and South Cumbria, the majority of our employees are part of this population. As a population we face many challenges which are familiar to most parts of the UK, including challenges with funding and capacity. However, within Lancashire and South Cumbria life expectancy can differ by 20 years depending on which area you live in. This has an impact on our workforce and our employees’ health.

As employers it is important we are aware of the health inequalities which exist in our population and to raise awareness and work towards improving outcomes. Making our workplaces supportive, enabling people to help themselves, growing our economy and being productive and well is why we are working together.

There is a lot of excellent work going on across our geography. We're taking our first small steps in sharing and learning and making changes together to be well@work across Lancashire and South Cumbria

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Feel well, work well, live well in Lancashire and South Cumbria
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