In the first of our videos asking people to tell 3 people what matters to them we hear from community members and what is important to them for the future and why they think it’s important to let loved ones know your wishes.

What’s important for the future?

A long, healthy, happy life I suppose. I think a sense of being useful and a sense of purpose, that’s really important to me. And kind of the amazing world of nature.

For me, in the future, it’s really important that my family, friends and loved ones continue to enjoy life.

I think, for me, what’s important is the wellbeing and health of myself and my family. It’s important for my future that I like to live life to the full.

To keep myself healthy and well, but more importantly for my family to stay well.

To be able to go outside and see new places.

For us all to get back to normal.

I do a lot of yoga, a lot of wellbeing and breathing exercises and that’s really important to me.

I really want to role-model that to my son as well. My son’s one year old now.

Lots of people have a bucket list. I haven’t got a bucket list at all. I would just love to be able to do the ordinary things in life.

Making sure that everybody has the correct health and guidance and we are all aware of what’s happing in the world.

Maybe we can act on things quicker, to get to know sooner.

Spending time away from your own home, inviting people into your home, sharing meals, sharing reminiscences.

Just enjoying being sociable again.

Having a little heart scare a couple of years ago really made me think about that so we sorted out our wills, we sorted out any probate issues, so that if something did happen, we didn’t then run into lots of complication.

I quite like that notion that we need somewhere to live, something to do and someone to love.

Meeting up with my family.

I have been a carer, I loved being a carer in the past. It was a privilege, it was an honour, but I’m very aware of the burden that that can sometimes place on your family and it’s very important for me that my children are protected as much as I can do.

I don’t really think about the future that much, because everything changes, nothing’s set in stone in life.

To continue my voluntary work, wherever possible, to support people no matter what creed, colour or religious beliefs, to receive good palliative care and experience a good death.

I’ve got two grown-up children and I want them to be happy, I’d love them to be happy. I want them to live for today. There’s things that I regret. I tell them all the time that I love them, I don’t want there to be any doubt about that if anything happened to me.

Being together as a family, sharing  times together, making memories.

People are everything, people make the difference to our lives and therefore the right sort of people around me expansive company, but people that are committed to me and I’m committed to as well.

I still want to learn the violin. I bought one last year. I’m still waiting to have a go with it.

Every single person matters, so I matter, every individual matters. Nobody matters more than somebody else.

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