The pandemic has shown us that the end of life can happen suddenly which is why it’s so important to make plans and talk about it and feel free to keep talking about it. This video shows how some people have changed their plans or the way they talk about their end of life wishes as a result of COVID-19.

As a result of Covid I’ve realised the importance of being contented within your own environment.

Have my views or decisions changed as a result of covid? I'd say not, it’s just reinforced them.

We have actually changed our priorities that we are currently saving every penny to be able to move house.

We’re going to move to Wales. Just as covid’s really made us realise how important family is,

I don’t know if Covid hadn’t happened whether we would have made that decision to move closer to home.

You appreciate so much more, the world around you and things that you can do and the people that you share your life with.

I think the pandemic actually has brought home to people life can be quite fragile and as much as one can think you’re going to live to be 100, you don’t know.

Every day, even if you have no pre-existing conditions situations can change.

I’ve definitely become more accepting. 

I’ve definitely adopted an attitude of acceptance and an attitude of gratitude which has really, really helped.

One thing that it has actually made me do is sort out my house quite a bit because I’m aware that I want everything to be in order

if I were to go suddenly, that my children aren’t left with the dilemma of sorting out, what would mum want? What would she like?

It has highlighted the fact that people are mostly unprepared for death.

I think my own personal views about Covid is it’s made me more aware of what can happen in the world and how quick things can spread.

Having had Covid 19 virus it has made me think very seriously about what and who is important in my life.

Prior to Covid I’d think about the future like yeah, I’m going to be doing this in two years time or three years time.

But I’m taking each day as it comes. I’m not thinking too much about the future.

I don’t need to kill myself coming into the office every day. I can work from home. 

I can do a lot more things from home than I thought I could. And do you know what? It’s made me think about finishing work on time.

It actually made me rethink about what is important for me. I started to find happiness in simple things in life.

I’ve wanted for a long time, talked about buying a motorhome, and just having the freedom to go off and drive. 

Just get in it one day and just go drive and be free and I really, really want to do that so much more now.

The sorts of things that we’ve learnt through covid like family, like time, like freedom, all of those sorts of things

like joy, like fun, all of those sorts of things we, after covid, will have a greater emphasis on them.

We’ve been rather sloppily getting into the habit of not paying as much attention to as we might have done.

I do want to move area and that’s going to happen much quicker now because covid has made us realise we don’t want to put it off any further.

I think one of the things that living through this Covid pandemic has taught all of us is that we must not be afraid of having conversations about the end of life issues. 

We need to have conversations when we’re well and we’re happy when prospects are looking good.

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