Members of our Supported Self-Management and Psychological Resilience of Our Communities Collaborative tell us where they go for support.

JASON: If I feel a bit down I've got some really good  colleagues who I can speak to, but obviously I've got my family and my friends as well, who I can also reach offline if I can't see them in person.

JOHN: Talk to your friends even though you've not seen your friends for a while, link up with them on the phone, on a Zoom.

NAUSHEEN: For support whenever I have low mood and I feel unhappy, I communicate with my family and friendS, and I feel better after that.

ALEX: I would go to close family and friends, who I would try to keep in touch with you regularly in some way.

LYNN: We feel it's important to sit down every night, we have dinner at the table every night, we talk things through.

KELLY: I've got a mindfulness coach. that I go and see. He's the one that's teaching me Reiki at the moment, so I go and see him.

JO: Obviously friends who are like-minded but I'll also come back to football club because that's what started me off.

KAREN: I go to Fit Blackpool on Thursday night, we have a WhatsApp group.

TERRY: My support network is my wife and my sister.

LINDA: I'm also part of the "One year no beer" forum and I go there quite a lot when I'm struggling with things. I just go and talk to people on there who are like-minded.

MARC: Speaking to peers at work would definitely help relieve any stress or strains that I might have.

ASHLEY: I'm really lucky that I've got a really supportive wife, I've got two amazing young children. I've got some really close friends that allow me to sort of sound off when I need to.


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