Members of our Supported Self-Management and Psychological Resilience of Our Communities Collaborative talk about what self care means to them.


CHRIS: So when we talk about self-care what we're really talking about is things that help to keep us well, make us feel positive, look after ourselves, both physically and emotionally.

KAREN: Self-care to me means looking after yourself, eating healthily, having some good sleep.

JASON: Being mindful of how you're feeling, and what you can do to make yourself feel better. 

DEBS: For me self-care week is all about well me really, so it's about doing things that make me smile, make me happy, and ultimately has a positive impact on my mental health and well-being.  

AMANDA: So what does self-care mean to me? A bit of community beekeeping bit of a clue here. We've been keeping bees on our park, beautiful Ightenhill park in brilliant Burnley in Lancashire.

NAUSHEEN: Well it is about a good sleep, hygiene, healthy diet, and exercise.

JO: Reflecting on what you do, whether that's making you feel better or if things are not going well thinking about what you can do to improve things.

KATHARINE: Acknowledging that I'm a person with needs.

KELLY: Looking after all aspects of health, so you're talking your mental health, your physical health, your nutrition.

MARC: Maintaining and improving your mental and your physical health the best way you can.

CHRIS: The important thing with self-care is that it needs to feel like it's deliberate and has a sense of purpose.

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