Members of our Supported Self-Management and Psychological Resilience of Our Communities Collaborative talk about what types of things they do for self care.


JAN: Being in the garden at this time of the year really lifts my spirits. Just look at the colours of these beautiful leaves.

KAREN: I do like to have a little me time. So it might just be shopping, all by myself on a Saturday.

KAREN: One of thing things I love to do is Pilates, but I've not been able to go to my classes, but certainly I've been carrying on at home.

ALEX: Improving my mood by watching things that make me laugh.

MARC: Doing sudokus. I have actually got quite a few jigsaws that I get ripped for when I'm at home.

TERRY: I look after myself by going to the gym three times a week because I'm type 2 diabetic and the gym helps lowering my blood sugar levels.

CHRIS: For me self care is all about me getting out, getting close to nature, getting some exercise. Just having some time to myself, some me time.

ANITA: I do bowling. I'm struggling with my back for a lot of things but I do Crown Green Bowling.

GRACE: I socialise via Zoom, do family quizzes. I like going to the gym. I like going on runs.

DEBS: I'm here now, outside the gym, ready to go in for my session. I've had a really long day at work, I'm tired but ultimately I know that as soon as I get in there and the music starts playing and I'm seeing people, I just really enjoy it and I feel so much better.

Well that's me done at the gym. As you can see I'm all sweaty which is always a good sign of a work-out

That's me now off home to my other favourite thing which is head home, get some tea and spend the evening with my partner. 


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