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Members of our Supported Self-Management and Psychological Resilience of Our Communities Collaborative talk about the types of things they do for self care that help them.


Video Transcript

JOHN: Going out, going into our beautiful parks,  like we've got here at Haslam Park. 

NAUSHEEN: I try to do exercise every day because I know that it is good for my brain and my body. 

ASHLEY: Try and find time for myself, to try and  find as much opportunity as I can to spend time with my family, to try and go and watch the 
football, which is tough at the moment. 

KATHARINE: Visiting a charity shop, knowing that I'm picking up a bargain and helping a charity at the same time. 

AMANDA: I've played it so much more doing lockdown and it's helped keep me calm. 

LYNN: I play tennis three times a week. We have three dogs so we walk them twice a day which is good physically. 

LINDA: Talking to my friends and I've also started 
recently keeping the journal so I can offload how I'm feeling and try and put it in a box and out of the way. 

AMANDA: I am also doing a bit of this: "para ir al ciene". Para ir al ciene. I want to go to the cinema. I think. Yes, correct. I'm learning Spanish and I'm on a 220 day run.   

LYNETTE: When the nights are drawing in and it's cold outside, it's dark. Knitting is really, really good therapy for you

KELLY: I meditate between 20 and 40 minutes a day, including with that is breath work which is vital to release anxiety. 

JO: I exercise twice a week, try and walk as well, instead of drive and just generally get fresh air and be active.