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Members of our Supported Self-Management and Psychological Resilience of Our Communities Collaborative talk about the things they could do better to improve their self care.

Video Transcript

JASON: What could I do better? I could eat less, I could definitely eat less.

ASHLEY: I need to work less at times to make sure that I give myself enough personal time.

JOHN: I was doing far too much of working from home, checking my emails, on the phone all the time. I think if you can just take a step back from that.

NAUSHEEN: Yeah through meditation and yoga I feel more better after that, because it made me more strong and it give me strength after that. 

MARC: Possibly talking about things a little bit more to people, maybe a bit more physically as well.

ANITA: More exercise, a lot more exercise. I don't walk very much which is not good.   

ALEX: I could make more time for myself, whether it be making more time keeping physically active. 

JO: I think maybe encourage other people to do self-care. I think you encourage others to do it, then I think that makes you feel good as well.

KELLY: I could possibly look at the the intake of food that I put in my body. Making sure that it's morepure and organic.

KAREN: Give myself a little bit more time. I do tend to put everybody else first.

KATHARINE: I could eat my five a day fruit and veg. I could definitely drink more water as well.

GRACE I could definitely eat better and eat more healthy, less take out food, less junk food. I would say that's my downfall.

LYNN: Probably eat a little bit better and probably change my diet a little bit.