Staff and volunteers from Blackpool FC Community Trust talk about self care - what it means to them, what they could do more of and where they go for support.


ANITA: Looking after yourself, doing plenty of exercise and eating good food.

ALEX: Self-care means to me looking after yourself physically and mentally.

ASHELY:It's about understanding your own personal, mental, and physical health.

KAREN: Well I eat healthily, I love a good bit of fruit in the morning.

LINDA: Every day I do try to make time for myself, try and be selfish and put myself first.

GRACE: I do a lot of running, I go to the gym, I spend time with my family, and I have two little cousins I spend a lot of time with.

ALEX: I like to keep myself physically active, by going on lots of walks.

MARC: I've got two young children that definitely keep me active.

LYNN: My dogs. I always find that if I am feeling  a little bit stressed and just stroking them and being with them they tend to calm me down.

JO: I could probably do exercise more than twice a week.

KAREN: Yes, I think looking after myself a little bit more.

LINDA: I could probably be a bit kinder to myself and forgive myself when I have little blips.

ASHLEY: I need to do more of looking after myself, by making enough time to spend with my family and my friends.

JASON: For support, I would go to my  family and my friends, and also my colleagues at work as well. 

ANITA: I think family is important for support and coming here they're supporting me a lot.

GRACE: I've got a very close family so there's a lot of people in my family that support, and people at work as well that I'm close with that support me.

MARC: My first port of call would probably be my wife and then my immediate family.


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