Keely, a health care assistant from Hillcroft Slyne talks about her role within the Social Care sector.


I started off as a cleaner in a care room in Bolton and the manager pulled me to one side and said that she'd seen some something in me, she wanted me to progress further so then I started as a team leader on nights doing medication. Then I got swapped to days because she wanted me to be on days, and then I left Bolton to be with my partner and I started at Hillcroft.

I was going to go into the army and then I met my partner at the time then I wanted to look after the veterans so the only way I could do it and give back was to go into the care industry.

It was the only position that was going at the home at the time. Then obviously like I said the manager called me to one side, and said that she wanted me on the care side.

I started with Hillcroft two years ago and because I wanted to progress further into something higher than a healthcare assistant.

When I started with Hillcroft I knew that there was an opportunity there which I applied for last year, but there was no running courses in this area.

I'm starting the course as a assistant practitioner which will take me two years to to qualify, and it entails like a more in depth on the paperwork side,  on the medication side and being more involved, working under a nurse. It'll take me two years I think I'll stay in the social care I started off wanting to be in this industry so I'm not going to leave it.


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