Imogen a Health Care Assistant from Hillcroft - Caton Green talks about her role within the Social Care sector.


So I started off at Hillcroft as a part-time care assistant and this was while I was studying at college. I did a Level Two Health and Social Care course, and then after that I did a Level Three two-year course national diploma.

While I was at college,I managed to gain experience within the sector of health and social care. Through my Level 2 course, I managed to get a week placement here at Hillcroft, and that is how I gained my job as a part-time care assistant to begin with. 

Then after I finished my course on Level Three, I decided to come to Hillcroft full time. So, when I left college I came to Hillcroft to gain more experience within the sector.

However, I wanted to gain experience within the sector so I could progress on further through  starting off as a care assistant, and building my way up into the roles of a nurse.

So I've been at Hillcroft for nearly two years full time and my original plan was to go to University to do nursing. However, Hillcroft have offered me a place on the assistant practitioner course starting in September.

So after my AP course, I hope to to be able to work at Hillcroft for many years and to eventually be a full qualified nurse.

So I think I'll stay in a health and social care setting when I've qualified as a nurse. This is because I'm keen to work within the mental health section at Hillcroft on their units as this is very intriguing. This is because you can have many different days, you don't know what's going to come. You're going to have a different day every day and it just makes me excited to come to work.


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