Faye, a Senior Registered Nurse from Risedale Care Homes talks about her role within the Social Care sector.

So, my first role in the care sector was a health care assistant doing home care. So, I used to go to people's houses looking after them in their own homes and then for a local nursing home called Risedale.

So, when I started as a healthcare assistant I wasn't sure that becoming a nurse was possible. I knew that there was progression within the company however, and they didn't provide the nursing degree at the time it wasn't an option so it wasn't something that I'd given much thought to

So, it took me six years to complete my nursing qualification. Three years was an assistant practitioner degree and at the end of that I did another three years which took me to nursing. It was part-time course which meant I was in full-time employment. My assistant practitioner and nursing degree course were fully funded by the company that I worked for. It meant that I was able to keep working within the care sector at the same time.

Now I'm qualified, I'll definitely be staying in the social care sector. From being a healthcare assistant I've been able to develop to a fully qualified nurse and I'm now working as a senior nurse within Risedale

I've been given lots of opportunities for further  development and training from finishing my nursing degree. It's given me knowledge and expertise in working on different types of units which include dementia care, complex care,. tracheostomy management, gastrostomy management, all which I've had specialist training for.

During my nurse training I did a wide range of placements across many different settings. I think part of my love for working in the social care sector is really getting to develop relationships with residents that we sometimes look after for years.

Developing relationships also means developing relationships with families and it's the impact and that we sometimes can have on residents and their families during sometimes the most difficult periods and really makes it worthwhile.


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