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Suicide Prevention

Suicidal feelings can affect any one of us at any time. Many people struggle to talk about these feelings or ask for help because they are worried about how people will react.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, talk to someone and make sure you get help.

Getting Help

Life can get really tough sometimes, but talking can help.

If you need immediate help to stay safe, or are supporting someone who needs immediate help:

  • Call your GP – ask for an emergency appointment
  • Call 111 out of hours – they will help you find the support and help you need

If you have seriously harmed yourself – for example, by taking a drug overdose – call 999 for an ambulance or go straight to A&E.

Or ask someone else to call 999 or take you to A&E.


The Orange Button Suicide Outreach Service: a zero suicide initative 

(The Orange Button is only currently available in Lancaster, we hope to be able to roll this out across the region in the future)

The Orange Button Suicide Outreach Service is a community network where by individuals at risk of suicide are able to access help at the point where they need it. 

The main parts of the initiative involve:

  • Training community services/outlets who may encounter someone at risk of taking their own life, such as supermarket staff,pub landlords, security staff, faith groups and gym workers
  • Creating community wide venues to allow local people at risk to easily access familiar places to get help
  • Creating a network between agencies/organisations to share information with consent about individuals in crisis and to support one another

The ‘orange button’ logo is derived from the nurses call buttons used in hospital to allow patients to alert a health professional of their need for help. It is an instantly recognisable symbol which will be placed in supermarkets, churches and other community organisations and services’ windows to indicate that there is an individual trained in suicide prevention awareness present.



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