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Stroke is the third largest cause of death in England.

A stroke could happen to anyone at any time and is caused by either a block in a blood vessel that leads to the brain or by bleeding in or around the brain. Following a stroke some people recover completely, others need rehabilitation and further support, but others do not survive.

Organisations across Lancashire and South Cumbria are working together to improve stroke services. Use the links below to explore some specific projects.


Engaging stroke patients

Throughout February and March, the Stroke Programme will be visiting stroke patients across Lancashire and South Cumbria to involve them in the work taking place to make sure that everyone has high quality, safe, evidence-based treatment and care for stroke. This is for everyone who has had a stroke or is at a higher risk of having a stroke in the future.

To support the engagement activities we have produced an easy read publication which has been tested with a group of service users working with the Stroke Association. It describes the progress to date and the next steps in the work taking place to improve patient experience across the whole stroke pathway.

Stroke programme easy read

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