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Care Staff Area

UK care staff are challenged to meet personal and health needs of people who are highly dependent, and may have complex and unpredictable conditions. Providing high quality care for the people they support requires an appropriately skilled and highly competent workforce. Existing competency frameworks and resources that are applicable to the care of older people are referenced below.

The below links are part of Northumbria University's Workforce Competancy Framework Jan 2017 & highlight links to training and competancy assessments which can be found on (

Skills for care

Skills for Care believe that everyone working in adult social care should be able to take part in learning and development so they can carry out their role effectively.

Skills for care guides will help to develop the right skills and knowledge so you can provide high quality care and support. See Skills for Care learning and development guides

Competencies and frameworks


Care Navigation

Medicines Management

Leadership and Management

End of life