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Regulated Care Sector

The Care sector is a valued partner in the delivery system for adult health and social care. Health and care organisations from across Lancashire and South Cumbria are working together to strengthen and improve the regulated care sector which includes care at home, residential care and care homes with nursing.

We want to make sure services work together to support residents and families. The health sector as a whole, and adult social care as a part of that, is facing real issues. The number of people with social-care needs is increasing and people need more help with a wide range of things, all against the backdrop of reduced funding for local authorities.

By taking a whole system approach to tackling these challenges, we plan to provide a more equal approach to commissioning providers whilst supporting them to improve the quality of care people receive.

We are working to develop a quality assurance system which will mean health and care intelligence can be reviewed and benchmarked across the region. This will support services by providing a joint approach to quality improvement initiatives and proactive contract management. This will also mean that quality issues can be managed within each Local Authority area in a consistent, transparent and proportionate way.

Shared intelligence across the NHS and Local Authorities will allow for the sharing of best practice, lessons learned and positive public and cross-organisational messages which will promote the sector through reward and recognition.

Workforce is another challenge for the care sector. We are working with care providers to promote career, training and development within the sector and raise the profile of careers within the care sector. We will provide hands on advice support and guidance and make sure consistent, high-quality and accessible training is available.

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