Our purpose

Together we can make things better

The partnership of organisations working across the Integrated Care System have agreed a clear purpose for our work together.

This will happen in neighbourhoods, local places and across the whole of Lancashire and South Cumbria. Our vision for Lancashire and South Cumbria is that communities will be healthy and local people will have the best start in life, so they can live longer, healthier lives.

At the heart of this vision are the following ambitions:

  • We will have healthy communities
  • We will have high quality and efficient services
  • We will have a health and care service that works for everyone, including our staff.

Our vision for Lancashire and South Cumbria

In your neighbourhood and community

  • Health and social care will work together to support your social needs, physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • You will be supported to care for yourself where you can, including using digital technology
  • Community groups and local teams, including your GP, will work with you
  • You will be encouraged take an active role in managing your own health and wellbeing and to support others in your community.

In your local area

  • Most care will be locally delivered, managed and planned
  • We will make the best use of all the expertise and staff skills available to us
  • We will talk to you and your community about how best to provide care
  • You know best what you and your community needs. 

Across Lancashire and South Cumbria

  • We will work together on issues like mental health, stroke, cancer and urgent care
  • Our hospitals will work together so you have the best treatment possible
  • We will use technology to share health records and make it easier to book appointments
  • As much of our finances as possible will be spent in local places
  • We will manage our spending better.

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