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Population Health

Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria, which is a partnership of Local Authority, NHS, public sector and communities, is one of four areas in the country to be recognised as leading the way in starting to improve outcomes, reduce inequalities and address the broad range of individual, social and economic factors affecting the health of local people.

Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria is home to a growing population of 1.7 million people. More of us are getting older and experiencing long-term health problems. Some of this disease could be avoided or the ill-effects slowed down, if we took positive action to prevent it.

Population Health Management

Through Population Health Management, we can use information which is already held about people to look at the best way to help people live longer, providing personalised care tailored to their needs. One example is using data to identify people who have multiple long term conditions and understanding the ways in which they can be supported to prevent complications and live independently. This approach will be developed across Lancashire and South Cumbria to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Accelerated programme for Population Health Management development

Personalised care

The widely accepted definition of personalised care is that people have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered, based on what matters to them and their individual strengths and needs.

Find out more about our work on delivering personalised care in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Social prescribing

We celebrated the very first international Social Prescribing Day with a new blog and video from Linda Vernon.

Find out more about social prescribing and how we're working in partnership to develop this further in Lancashire and South Cumbria. 

Read Linda's blog on social prescribing.

Population Health Management videos

Video - Population Health Management 

Dr Amanda Doyle, GP and Chief Officer for Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria talks about why Population Health Management matters and our plans to target the way we work to deliver better care and help local people live longer, healthier lives.

Video - Chorley neighbourhood case study

The Chorley Central Primary Care Network are working together as a multi-discliplinary team, using insight to design personalised care for a group of local people aged between 45 and 60 living with moderate frailty.

Video - Blackpool neighbourhood case study

Hear how the Blackpool Central West Primary Care Network team have taken a Population Health Management approach to design personalised care for a group of local people living in Houses of Multiple Occupancy. Part of the 20 week accelerated development programme with NHS England.

Video - The King's Fund

What is a population health approach? And what role do we all play in keeping our communities healthy?

Watch The King's Fund's new animation to find out.

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