Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance

This page and its resources have been created for a staff audience and therefore some terminology and references may be confusing to the public.

The Cancer Alliance in Lancashire and South Cumbria was established in October 2016 in response to the Independent Cancer Taskforce publication “Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy for England 2015-2020 (opens in new window)

The taskforce report recommended the development of Cancer Alliances as the main vehicles for local service and accountability in cancer.

The Cancer Alliance Board for Lancashire and South Cumbria includes representation from cancer commissioners, cancer service providers and patients.

Working together through the membership of the Cancer Alliance, the aim is to improve the experience of cancer for the people in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

This includes:

  • Preventing people developing cancer
  • People who do have signs of cancer to be diagnosed early so treatment is more likely to be successful
  • Cancer treatment in Lancashire and South Cumbria to be based on national and international best practice
  • People undergoing cancer treatment feeling supported and able to live normally
  • Where curative treatment isn’t possible for people, to live well before dying with peace and dignity in the place of their choice