People's Voice

The People's Voice ensures patient voices are listened to at every level of decision making.

Patients and the public - those who use and care about health and wellbeing services - have invaluable knowledge and experience which can help shape and improve local cancer services. That is why patient and public involvement through the People's Voice is fundamental to cancer services decision-making across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Explore this page to find out more about the People's Voice and how you can get involved.


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What is the People's Voice?

Through the People's Voice patients, carers, members of the public, support groups and voluntary organisations sign up to receive information about our work and to ensure that they are aware of service improvement opportunities that are available to be involved in.

You can become members of our specialist clinical networks, attend meetings to share views and personal experiences and be a part of building future local cancer services within the NHS.

By also operating as an extensive virtual network, the People's Voice makes it easy for everyone to be heard and contribute, regardless of their work and personal commitments or circumstances. If anyone is unable to attend meetings and events in person, people can still engage in online surveys, comment on documents, publications or key issues and share their personal stories.

How can I get involved?

We are building further opportunities across Lancashire and South Cumbria which will include: 

  • Attending groups and meetings
  • Completing online surveys
  • Public speaking to local groups
  • Proofreading documents created for the public
  • Attending conferences
  • Attending training sessions
  • Attending events

If you would like to submit an expression of interest to be involved in shaping current and future services, please complete the form further down this page. 

Current opportunities

To get involved in any of these opportunities or to find out more please contact Andrea Partridge, Service User Involvement Lead via one of the following methods:


Telephone: 07730375581


Neuro-Oncology Integrated Rehabilitation Service

The aim of the Neuro-Oncology Integrated Rehabilitation Service is to ensure that there is a supportive service for improving the experience for people living with and approaching the end of their lives because of neurological cancer.

The expected outcomes of the service are:

  • Patients and carers will be more informed about their care and ongoing needs but also where to access support for this outside of the hospital
  • Improved pathways for patients with neurological cancer
  • Streamlining of referrals
  • Improved communication between health care professionals supporting patients with neurological cancer
  • Improved communication between patients and health care professionals.

This is a new project and we would like to have the opportunity to feedback progress and gain opinion and ideas.  We would like a varied group for this, including patients and/or carers.

Pelvic Radiotherapy

Hello my name is Elizabeth Walne, (  - I am new in post at Royal Preston Hospital as an Advanced Specialist Practitioner for the late effects of pelvic radiotherapy. I am setting up a late effects service from scratch and I am interested to hear from any patients who have experienced late effects from pelvic radiotherapy (late effects are classed as being present at 6 months onwards after the completion of their radiotherapy treatment).

I am interested to know what their experiences have been in accessing help for their late effects (the good and the bad) and what suggestions they have for what a late effects service should offer. I am especially interested in any gastro-intestinal late effects (as that will be our focus initially) such as; increased frequency of bowel opening, diarrhoea, urgency, incontinence, tenesmus (a feeling of need to open the bowels, but nothing being there), pain in the bottom or rectal bleeding.

Any help you could offer with this would be greatly appreciated, as we are in the very initial phases of service development and having patient feedback is crucial to the successful structuring of the service!

Pauline's experience

"I have recently been involved in the interview process for two separate posts. The first was for a Patient Volunteer Co-ordinator and the second was for a Lead Palliative Care Nurse. Two very different roles. It is important for anyone reading this to understand that I was involved as a patient not a health care professional and that the NHS and Macmillan recognise the importance of patient input and involvement. I was provided with all the necessary information prior to interviewing and had a chat with other panel members to ensure I was prepared. I was not expected to ask clinical questions only things I understood. Both experiences were very positive, I felt fully involved in the process and final outcome. For me it was the opportunity to be involved in a positive way and feel I was helping others and myself. Cancer patients have a lot to offer and getting involved is I think a very positive experience."

Jeff's experience

Jeff was involved in a focus group, interviewing for two lead nurses. 

"My experience on the focus group was very good and I felt that I was doing something constructive, the focus group was more relaxed than the interview so we could ask questions generated from the candidates previous answers and not be tied to fixed questions. It was interesting that both groups came to the same conclusions. I am keen to be involved in other opportunities."

Here is what Donna, the Matron said about Jeff's involvement: "It went really well and Jeff was a big help and he really supported the process."

What works for you?

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