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Primary Care

General Practice is recognised as one of the greatest strengths of the NHS, heavily relied upon by the general public for health and wellbeing services for themselves and their families

GP services provide valuable care to their patients but are facing a number of challenges, including an ageing population and more patients with complex care needs and multiple long-term conditions. At the same time, the workforce is diminishing as GPs retire and it is getting harder to recruit new doctors to general practice.

In Lancashire and South Cumbria, we are investing millions of pounds in primary care services - the routine outpatient care that patients receive at first contact with the health care system in the community, usually from a general practice, pharmacy or dental practice – to ensure they can meet the future needs of patients.

It is all part of the General Practice Forward View (GPFV), a national plan to sustain and transform primary care. National investment is helping areas like ours to grow and develop the primary care workforce, support GP practices to manage their workload more effectively and bring health and care organisations together to deliver primary care at scale in local communities.

Funding will be provided to help modernise the infrastructure and technology GP practices use and support will be available for local practices to redesign the way modern primary care is offered to their patients.

Sustaining and transforming primary care will underpin changes across the whole of the health and social care system that are intended to ensure patients continue to receive high quality care while managing rising demand.

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