Our workforce 

Our vision for Lancashire and South Cumbria for healthy communities with local people that have the best start in life, so they can live longer, healthier lives.

Our ability to do this requires us to have the right workforce in relation to skills, experience and numbers, to provide the right care to our local population and support them in preventing ill health and maintaining well being.

There are significant health inequalities in our area and we need the workforce to help us address these. We want to develop a system wide approach to tackle the range of issues affecting our workforce.

Foremost is our ability to recruit and retain the workforce needed to provide care to our local population. We want to attract the workforce from our local population as well as growing our own so that we can maximise the wider social benefits arising from good employment opportunities.

Our success also relies upon having the right leadership and system level culture creating the right conditions for our workforce to innovate and thrive.

Our ability to grow our own talent, and develop and embed new ways of providing health and care will be dependent on an inclusive, compassionate and open culture which facilitates risk and gain sharing as well as diversity. This will help us maximise the wider benefits of effective and reflective talent management, and compassionate leadership practice.

Never has this been more important than in the current Covid pandemic which has highlighted even greater health inequalities across many of our communities. Our call to action to address these includes the development of a Health Inequalities Charter, which includes a commitment to developing good employment opportunities for all and developing workforce pipelines from underrepresented groups.

Careers and Engagement

Our Careers and Engagement Team work across Lancashire and South Cumbria to provide opportunities for all to be inspired and supported into their dream career working in the NHS and care. Find out more on our new careers website.


Our People Plan

The NHS People Plan: We are the NHS: action for us all, was published at the end of July 2020. It focuses on how we must look after each other and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging, as well as take action to grow and train our workforce, and work together differently to deliver patient care. 

Our People Plan for Lancashire and South Cumbria builds on the work that we have already started through our Workforce strategy and combines these actions with those set out in the national People Plan (opens in a new window). Whilst there are specific actions in the national plan for the NHS, our intention is to work with all Integrated Care System partners and deliver these ambitions for all our health and care workforce.

Infographic describing our workforce

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