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What we have done so far

Take a look at some of the projects that the Bay Health and Care Partners have worked on recently.

What we are working on now

Read about the projects that Bay Health and Care Partners are just starting or are working on currently. 

What does our work mean for you?

Find out more about how the work of Bay Health and Care Partners makes a difference to you.

What the future looks like

We are planning to launch a new strategy called 'Better Care Together 2' in April 2020. The strategy will be published here soon. 

Case studies & videos

There are a number of case studies and videos that highlight the work of Bay Health and Care Partners.

Primary Care Networks

Find out more about Primary Care Networks, which offer patients more convenient access to treatment and support from a wide range of health professionals.

Integrated Care Communities (ICC's)

Read about the 9 ICC's in Morecambe Bay - Barrow & Millom; Ulverston, Dalton & Askam; Grange & Lakes; Kendal; East; Carnforth; Bay; Lancaster and Queen Square.