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Date posted: 8th February 2021

SAFE is a local, not for profit, organisation that works with young people and adults going through mental health and other life challenges through group provision.

The organisation covers Lancaster, Morecambe and surrounding areas with around 50 adults and young people using this service.

You can find out more about SAFE by reading the case study below.

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Why was your organisation founded?

SAFE said: "SAFE was founded in Dec 2018. It is an amalgamation of The Prop Up Project and Socialease. SAFE was founded due to similarities and ethos of both of the groups. The Prop Up Project was founded originally to provide a safe space for young people who were going through mental health and other life challenges to come and meet others, using creative activities to develop skills and coping strategies at their own pace. Socialease similarly was founded to provide adults who were experiencing isolation, feel lonely and struggling to leave the house because of mental health and other life challenges, a safe space to come with others."

What services does your organisation offer?

SAFE said: "Prior to the pandemic, we were running five groups. Prop Up Project: Two groups run weekly (one in Morecambe and one in Carnforth) for young people going through mental health and life challenges ages 13-19. We also ran one group every month for adults aged 20-25. These ‘Prop Up’ groups use creative activities to encourage young people and adults to feel comfortable in a group space, build confidence and coping strategies. Socialease saw two groups weekly, running in public cafes in Morecambe and Lancaster, encouraging adults to make the first steps in leaving the house and being in a space with others going through similar experiences."

How have your services changed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

SAFE said: "We have adapted our service around the needs and ideas of our group members. We are running regular zoom sessions for our young people and young adults groups (Prop Up Project) as well as creative activities for the group to have a go at home. We are offering regular phone contact to group members of both our Prop Up and Socialease groups."

Have you seen an increase in people using your services?

SAFE said: "We have had around 20 new referrals to our SAFE: Socialease and Prop Up Groups since the start of the pandemic, with the majority of these being for our Socialease groups. With the support of our volunteers, we have been able to meet this demand to provide further phone contact."

Feedback from people using the service:

 “I enjoy the zoom sessions and calls they have helped me keep a routine.”

 “Regular contact from SAFE has helped during really difficult times.”

 “Thank you for your understanding and care.”

How can people get in touch?

SAFE said: "SAFE is accepting referrals for young people who might be struggling with their mental health or other life challenges that might be causing difficulties with socialising and being in group situations (online and offline). A referral can be made by a professional, parents, family or young person through people contacting or 07468937988.

"Adults who would benefit joining our Socialease groups when they restart can refer themselves using the above information. We are also looking for volunteers to support our Socialease groups when they are restart (Wednesday afternoon in Lancaster and Tuesday morning in Morecambe). If you are interested call 07568937988 or email"

You can download a PDF version of this case study at the 'Case Study' web page here

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