The spotlight on... The Alzheimer's Society

Date posted: 3rd May 2021

The Alzheimer’s Society was founded in 1979 with the aim being to support families and carers with information about dementia, advise on the support available through social services, ensure adequate nursing care was available in the latter stages of the condition and promote research and educate people about dementia.

Here Janet Holmes, Dementia Connect Local Services Manager for the Alzheimer’s Society tells us more about the organisation.

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What services does your organisation offer?

Janet said: "Improving the lives of people affected by dementia, through delivering care, campaigning for a fairer society and driving ground breaking research."

Which areas does the organisation cover?

Janet said: "England, Wales and Northern Ireland."

How have services changed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

Janet said: "We are providing telephone support and only carrying out visits when absolutely necessary. We are still sending out information as required. Our groups (Singing for the Brain and Dementia Cafes) have had to be conducted virtually which has had a detrimental effect on many people as the social aspect is very important and also some of our client's people don’t have access to IT."

Have you seen an increase in people using your services during the pandemic?

Janet said: "No, we haven’t seen an increase. Worryingly we have seen fewer people accessing the service because people weren’t going to the doctors and memory assessment services were reduced as staff were redeployed so the numbers decreased which meant many people didn’t get the service they should normally have got."

Feedback from people using the service:

Janet said: "96% of users who used our service, felt more able to manage."

A person using the service said: "Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period...the Dementia Advisor couldn’t have done anymore than she has. She’s been excellent.”

Future projects:

Janet said: "There will be events coming up such as Memory walks in the next few months. We are currently organising Dementia Action Week which will take place from 17-23 May 2021 but there are no firm details available yet."

You can download a PDF version of the case study here. 

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