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Initiative to inspire people with long-term conditions in Millom to exercise more is awarded £3,000

9th November 2020

An innovative and exciting project to inspire people living in Millom to move more was awarded £3,000 last month by Sport England. The ‘Get Millom Moving’ initiative is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of people who are managing three or more long-term conditions.

Ninety people who are managing from long-term conditions such as asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, hypertension and diabetes will take part in a month-long exercise programme. They will be encouraged to exercise individually following the government’s restrictions for coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be guided by Millom Integrated Care Community's (ICC) Case Team if they need any advice or support.

The funding will be used to buy each person taking part:

· a set of exercise equipment

· an exercise diary

· a pedometer – an electronic device which counts steps

· a pulse oximeter - measures the pulse and the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood. The device is used to take pulse and oxygen readings before and after exercise.

‘Get Millom Moving’ is led by Millom ICC, Active Cumbria and Sport England.

Jenny Riley, Development Lead for Millom ICC, said: “The concept of the project came about from some preventative work we were looking into regarding people with long-term conditions and how increasing their exercise could vastly improve their health and wellbeing. Millom ICC has been using indoor sports equipment for well over a year now with the elderly to improve health and wellbeing, core strength and mood improvement. Before the pandemic, there were monthly coffee mornings where people could come and have a coffee and a natter and then have an hour’s exercise in Waterloo House Surgery’s new physiotherapy suite.

“This project is quite unique and emphasises the importance of health and wellbeing of people with long term conditions. It encourages them to take control of their health and hopefully encourage them to keep this up once the programme is finished.”

Richard Metcalf, Active Cumbria Development Officer, said: “This innovative project with Millom ICC expands on our previous work within the surgery. With the onset of the COVID pandemic insight was indicating that those with long-term health problems were less likely to be active, therefore further compounding physical and mental health issues. The Sport England - Tackling Inequalities Fund/ was specifically set up during the summer to address inactivity and support those with long term health conditions to increase activity.

“Delivering the activity within their own homes will certainly help the patients at this difficult time and by using the activity diary we will be able to monitor progress. One step is better than no steps, five minutes gentle activity is better than no minutes.

“We are really keen to get as much learning from this project and then expand across the county. We greatly appreciate Jenny and Millom ICC staff for their commitment to this project and supporting their patients.”