GP focus with Dr Arun Thimmiah

Date posted: 3rd January 2022

Our GPs are an important part of Bay Health Care Partners and here our GPs and primary care colleagues have the opportunity to talk about issues and specialties that they are working on or interested in. This month, GP Dr Arun Thimmiah shares tips on how to stay well this winter. 

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Winter brings additional risks through adverse weather conditions and less daylight time, so here are some things you can do to keep yourself safe: 

  • Wear appropriate footwear. Conditions are cold and icy at the moment, particularly on older pavements. By wearing footwear with an additional grip you can mitigate the risk of slipping. 
  • Ensure you are wrapped up. The cold can have a serious effect on your health. Ensure that you have multiple layers on, wear a hat, scarf and gloves, and a warm coat. 
  • Try to avoid walking late at night, ice can be more difficult to see in the dark and therefore more hazardous. 
  • If exercising be aware of your surroundings, wear reflective clothing or reflective bands if jogging at night or early morning. Plan out your route and try to use areas that are gritted. 

Taking some precautions will help you to avoid slips, trips and falls and will help the local health services to manage during a very busy period. We can all play our part in helping to ensure vital NHS resources are available to those who need them at this difficult time.

Other things you may wish to consider:

  • Order your prescriptions in advance. You can combine collecting your medication alongside any other shopping you need to do, and therefore limit the time you need to be outside.
  • Keep your medicine cabinet well-stocked. Common winter ailments are still prevalent at this time and keeping a good stock of paracetamol, ibuprofen and a good first aid kit is advisable.
  • As it gets colder you will be using more energy, look at winter fuel payments and other help that is available to help ensure you can stay warm.

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