Careers Week - Dr David Wrigley, GP

Date posted: 1st March 2021

Dr David Wrigley a GP at Ash Trees Surgery in Carnforth and Clinical Director for Carnforth and Milnthorpe Primary Care Network (PCN). He has been a GP in Carnforth for 20 years and PCN Clinical Director for three years.

Here he tells us more about his role as a GP.

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Tell us how you got your role?

Dr Wrigley said: "I have a Medical degree from Sheffield University graduating in 1997. I undertook training in various hospital settings including Chesterfield, Oban on the west coast of Scotland and Lancaster. I was a trainee GP at Owen Road Surgery in Lancaster. From 16 to 21-years-old, I was a bank clerk for Barclays Bank."

What does your role involve?

Dr Wrigley said: "I undertake GP surgeries and management roles in overseeing the surgery and the PCN. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I have had many more telephone consultations and have used IT much more to contact patients. We have been very busy throughout all lockdowns.

"Separately, I am the Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association (BMA) – the trade union for doctors. This is an elected role and oversees the running of the union for all UK doctors. It is a very senior role in the BMA and takes up two full days a week and many other hours too. I used to be in London Wednesday/Thursday each week for this but not since COVID struck. I have done a lot of media work in this role and especially in the past year having appeared on BBC News, Sky News, ITV News, Radio 5 and many regional TV and radio stations on many different topics relating to doctors’ work."

What have been the best bits and challenges of your role?

Dr Wrigley said: "Dealing with patients I have known for 20 years and helping them through difficult times. They are very grateful and it is a lovely to see. I have led the vaccine rollout in our PCN and this has been hugely satisfying with a superb team spirit and many thousands of injections done!"

Life outside of work:

Dr Wrigley said: "I am often on emails due to my other roles. I enjoy reading, listening to Radio 4 as I am a political junkie and the odd Guardian crossword!"

Top tips for people wanting to get into the profession:

Dr Wrigley said: "Try and speak to doctors or medical students. Spend some time in your local GP surgery if you can. Approach the practice manager and say you are interested. The BMA website has some good info for those keen on a career in medicine"

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