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Changes to the set up arrangements of the JCCCGs

The Joint Committee of CCGs is developing as we mature as an Integrated Care System (ICS). As such, it is appropriate to regularly review the effectiveness and functioning of the meeting. We have also received feedback from members of the public which we have taken into account and used to make improvements to the Committee going forward. The changes you as a result are:

1. Changes to the drop in session prior to the public meetings

Currently, there is a two hour public drop in session prior to each public meeting. Attendance from members of the public and wider stakeholders varies at each session, with sometimes nobody attending at all. We have therefore reviewed the effectiveness of this session and, following discussion with Committee members, it has been suggested that holding a shorter, more focused 30 minute session prior to each meeting for members of the public and wider stakeholders would be more beneficial.

The 30 minute session will be held at the same venue as the Committee, in a separate private area and will provide an opportunity for members of the public and wider stakeholders to raise any questions specifically related to items on the agenda at the subsequent meeting. Discussions held at this session will be recorded via a short set of minutes and published on the website at for transparency.

Members of the Committee that will be leading these sessions will be:

  • Phil Watson – Chair of the Committee
  • Andrew Bennett – Executive Lead for Commissioning
  • Local health economy representatives will be invited as necessary, dependent on specific related agenda items

  • 2. Changes to the question and answer session at the end of the public meeting

    After each public Committee meeting, there is opportunity for members of the public and wider stakeholders to ask committee members questions. On reviewing the subject matters of questions asked at previous meetings, most of the questions that have been asked often are not related to items on the agenda for that specific Committee meeting. Going forward, members of the Committee will be happy to answer any questions generated as a result of the meeting’s agenda and if members of the public have questions outside of this, they can informally approach Committee members after the meeting has concluded. Alternatively, they can submit queries or questions via or in writing via the ‘questions box’ which will be accessible at each Committee meeting. A response will be provided to all questions which will be made available on the website.

    3. Access to meeting agenda and papers

    The agenda and associated papers for the public Committee meetings will be available as usual on our website at . There will also be ten hard copies of the agenda and papers available at each meeting, for those that cannot access the website or would prefer to view paper copies of the documents.

    4. Review of venues and sound effectiveness

    We have reviewed the venues used for the public meetings over the last year and it is clear that some of them have not been fit for purpose in terms of sound effectiveness. We are therefore reviewing the venues we will use going forward and as part of this, we will ensure that there is satisfactory sound equipment in place such as microphones to ensure that there are no issues with listening to discussions. We are also exploring options around live streaming the meeting via our website, to strengthen engagement and involvement with the public and wider stakeholders who may not be able to attend the public meetings.

    5. Meeting room layout

    The meeting room layout will be set out as follows and we will have larger and clearer name plates for Committee members so that members of the public are able to identify people when they are speaking.


    These changes will come into effect for the October meeting. We will continue to review our arrangements to ensure that they are fit for purpose as we continue to develop. If you would like to share any feedback with us regarding these changes or suggest any additional improvements, then please do not hesitate to contact us via