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Hear from local people and health and care staff about what digital health means to them. 

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Dr Farhan Amin's story - using VR to prevent falls

25th September 2019

Dr Farhan Amin talks about using intelligent virtual reality solutions to prevent falls. See this in action from a patient's perspective and hear about the impact of reducing falls and hospital admissions to help maintain independence.

Farhan's story

Colin's story - using technology to breathe and sleep better

24th September 2019

Colin Will uses a Continuous Positive Air Pressure Unit (CPAP) to help him manage his breathing at home, helping him to sleep better. Colin explains the impact on his life, the benefits of using digital equipment and how the machine works for him.

Colin's story

Our digital story - local health and care records

10th August 2019

Every day on the frontline across health and care, people have to make assessments and quick decisions to offer the best care for that person in front of them. Hear about our regional shared care record service and how we are using digital technology to…

Our digital story

Beverley's story - The Parent Platform

30th June 2019

Watch Beverley's story and hear how she set up The Parent Platform on Facebook to help mums like her access support and advice through social media.

Beverley's story

Cath's story - using social media to empower patients

13th May 2019

Hear how Cath McLennan from Bay Medical Group is successfully using social media to promote health campaigns and practice messages - including a Smear Test campaign which reached more than 1 million people.

Cath's story

Trinity Hospice's story - virtual consultations

25th April 2019

Trinity Hospice, Blackpool talk about how they have used video links to run virtual clinics to connect with care homes. Staff from The Hamptons Care Centre discuss the positive impact this has had for residents and staff.

Trinity Hospice's story

Kay's story - managing pain through virtual reality

20th March 2019

Kay Smith has Lupus SLE as well as another condition which means that she can't take medication. Kay has been introduced to virtual reality, which has helped her to manage her pain and given her hope.

Kay's story

Jean's story - the impact of digital for stroke services

15th March 2019

Jean Sherrington, Patient Representative for the Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria Stroke Programme talks about her vision for the future of stroke services - "digital, digital, digital!".

Jean's story

Nick's story - shared care records

12th January 2019

Dr Nick Wood talks about shared care records, which bring together information in one place electronically to help health and care providers deliver safer, more effective care to local people in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Shared care records

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