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Cancer Technology

8th September 2020
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Cancer assessment and treatments are still happening during the COVID-19 pandemic. New innovations such as video consultation, reviewing photographs of skin lesions and arranging urgent tests are helping the recovery process.

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Alison's story - cancer case study

8th September 2020

Lockdown didn’t get in the way of cancer investigations for Blackburn woman. 56-year-old Alison from Blackburn recently had concerns about a change in colour of a large area of pigmentation on her chest.

Alison's Story

Michael's story - apps to track walks and keep in touch

21st February 2020
Michael uses an app on his mobile to track his walks

Michael Geddes talks about how using digital technology has allowed him to keep track of his walks in more detail and keep in touch with his family.

Michael's story

Brownhill Surgery's story - online consultations

17th February 2020

Jenny Corke, Administrative Assistant for Brownhill Surgery talks about how the iPLATO system has had benefits for both staff and patients at the surgery.

Brownhill Surgery's story

Park View Surgery's story - online consultations

23rd January 2020
Park Hill Surgery

Hannah Miller-Croucher talking about the impact of using online consultations at Park View Surgery for both patients and staff.

Park View Surgery's story

Dr Ford's story - impact of video consultations

23rd January 2020
Dr Fiona Ford

Dr Fiona Ford, GP at Richmond Medical, talks about the impact of using video consultations - both for patients and for herself.

Dr Ford's story

Anne's story - connecting midwives with online chat

8th January 2020

Hear how midwives in Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow have used video conferencing to work together more efficiently.

Anne's story

Stoneleigh Surgery's story - online consultations

17th December 2019

Hear how using the myGP app has had a positive impact for staff at the surgery and residents of Milnthorpe, Cumbria.

Stoneleigh Surgery's story

Eileen and Bill’s story – wearable technology

22nd October 2019

Eileen and Bill explain how wearable technology has empowered them to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Eileen and Bill’s story

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