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Current Clinical Policy Reviews

As part of the ongoing review of clinical policies for all the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Lancashire and South Cumbria and following the guidance issued by NHS England around 17 procedures included in their Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) guidance, we are now seeking your feedback on seven additional clinical policies.  These are existing clinical policies that have been amended to bring them into line with the national guidance from NHS England.

Three of the policies have been separated from the existing Cosmetics policy to make the introduction of the EBI guidance more streamlined. 

The patient access criteria for these policies has already been through a public consultation and been issued as mandated guidance to Clinical Commissioning Groups, which, except for one aspect of the policy for the removal of benign skin lesions, has been accepted by the Lancashire and South Cumbria CCGs.  We are not therefore, seeking feedback on the criteria as this cannot be changed.  The engagement being undertaken is to inform you about the amended policies and to give you the opportunity to comment on any adverse impact you feel this will have and what the CCG should do to minimise this.


The clinical policies open for patient and public feedback are as follows:

• Policy for the Surgical Treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome;

• Policy for Tonsillectomy/Adeno-Tonsillectomy;

• Policy for the Surgical Release of Trigger Finger;

• Policy for the Management of Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) using Grommets (the treatment of glue ear in children);

• Policy for Breast Reduction Surgery (separated from the existing Cosmetics policy);

• Policy for the Surgical Management of Gynaecomastia (enlarged male breasts) – separated from the existing Cosmetics policy;

• Policy for the Removal of Benign Skin Lesions (separated from the existing Cosmetics policy)


These policies can be found below. You are invited to read the clinical policies before giving your feedback. You can click on the link next to each policy in order to complete a short survey and give your views.

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions document that may answer any queries you have about the process or about these policies.

Your comments will be fed back to the CCG as part of the implementation process.

Your feedback should be submitted by 1 July 2019.


Policy for the surgical treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome

Policy for tonsillectomy/adeno-tonsillectomy

Policy for the surgical release of trigger finger

Policy for the management of otitis media with effusion (OME) using grommets

Policy for breast reduction surgery

Policy for the surgical management of gynaecomastia

Policy for the removal of benign skin lesions


Please refer to the level of change document here


If you have any further questions about these policies or the process being undertaken contact the CCG or email or ring 01772 214244.

 If you require any of these documents in an alternative format such as Braille, larger print, audio, British Sign Language or in a language other than English please contact the Customer Care Team in one of the following ways:

Freephone: 0800 032 2424 Telephone: 01772 777 952 Textphone: 01772 227 005 Email: 

Further opportunities will be made available for your involvement and feedback on other clinical policies as and when they are developed and available for discussion.


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