To provide a strategic network for Voluntary, Community, Faith organisations, Not-for-Profits and Social Enterprise leaders in central Lancashire- Chorley, South Ribble and Preston through principles of;

  • Shared values
  • Open dialogue
  • Investment for the future
  • Creative and innovative joint working
  • Outcomes focussed activity
  • Infinite, not finite possibilities



The adoption and utilisation of collaborative and inclusive approaches to;

1. Raise the profile, increase understanding and promote the value of member organisations across central Lancashire.

2. Agree representation at decision making bodies across central Lancashire including strategic forums as necessary.

3. Improve and consolidate existing links with all local community networks within central Lancashire to develop processes for communication and representation.

4. Develop and grow new opportunities, using evidence from and connections of members

5. Use shared data to identify key decision makers for the benefit of the sector

6. Identify, promote and share peer learning, training and capacity building to ensure that the workforce of all member employing organisations are in strong positions to meet future demands

7. Improve the quality and sustainability of services for people living in central Lancashire. Membership. Membership is extended to a maximum of 15 member organisationsi , represented people in senior leadership positions. Community Futures March 2019


Responsibilities and Commitment

To ensure that the partnership fulfils its mission infinitely, members agree to;

  • Attend all meetings/events as required
  • Provide written (or verbal, if agreed by the partnership) reports on work undertaken on behalf of the partnership
  • Engage in open debate and discussion with fellow members
  • Provide information on all external business relevant to the partnership
  • Respond to all shared information/documents by providing knowledge, experience and understanding on issues of interest to the partnership
  • Be creative and innovative in setting the direction and influence of the partnership
  • Always work in the best interest of the partnership and ensure that conflicting interests are declared extensively
  • Enable decision making through sensible and progressive discussion


Appointment of Members ii

Founding members of the partnership take priority for membership where they can agree to the responsibilities and commitment of the position.

Vacancies are filled through direct approach to the chair of the Partnership, who will verify that the applicant meets the criteria before passing to partnership members for approval.


Appointment of Chair

Members will appoint a Chair from their numbers who can demonstrate;

  • Strategic links with the wider health a social care agenda as it impacts on the development, sustainability and influence of the VCFSE in central Lancashire, either as part of their paid employment role or membership of external strategic partnerships
  • They have the time and commitment to undertake the role effectively For stability of the partnership, there is not fixed term for the position of Chair, who will remain in post unless the members decide it is in the best interest of the partnership to remove them.


Termination iii

Membership of the partnership comes to an end if:

  • the member representative dies, or the member ceases to exist
  • the member sends a notice of resignation to the Chair of the partnership
  • any sum of money owed by the member to the partnership is not paid in full within six months of its falling due
  • members decide that it is in the best interests of the partnership that the member in question should be removed from membership, and pass a resolution to that effect.



Partnership meetings will be scheduled to take place once in every calendar every month. The formation of task and finish working groups will be agreed by members; frequency and dates of these will be agreed between those committed to attend them.


Decision Making

1. The Chair will allow sufficient time and space for open debate on any issue that requires a decision.

2. Decisions will be agreed by a simple majority of members

3. Where members fail to reach a decision the issue will be debated further by e mail or at a special meeting of the members within the following 2 weeks

4. In exceptional circumstances members may unanimously delegate decisions to the Chair for approval


Review Schedule

The terms of reference for this constitution will be reviewed at least annually by partnership members. Amendments will be ratified by all members.


i Voluntary, Community, Faith organisations, Not-for-Profits and Social Enterprises in central Lancashire (defined as the local authority administrative boundaries of Preston, Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancashire)



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