What will this mean for me?

We want local people to lead happy, healthy lives which will in turn reduce the need for health and care services. To enable this we will also put more focus into promoting good health and wellbeing by working with individuals and communities to prevent ill health in the first place.

Whenever appropriate, people will be supported within a community setting, to maintain their health and independence. We will support people to better manage their own health, with a focus on preventing ill health and increasing people’s knowledge and confidence to take shared responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

The way care is provided will also be simpler to understand, making it easier to use services. Professionals will share relevant, secure information between services, meaning patients and their families will not have to give their medical history as frequently.

We aim to provide much more support as is safe and cost effective in a community setting. Through these networks we will increase multi-disciplinary working across physical and mental healthcare and also between the health and care sectors.

This will ensure:

  • Access to the right support sooner
  • Fewer unnecessary outpatient appointments, hospital admissions, and less time spent in hospital

Central Lancashire residents will continue to have access to acute and district general hospital services and by continuing to work together on the local New Hospitals Programme, we will implement our agreed new model of care for these types of services locally.

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