Meeting Date 21 September 2021


Key decisions and actions

Integrated Urgent Care Programme Update

The Board welcomed Joanne Sherbourne, Procurement Manager, CCGs, who presented the terms of reference for the integrated urgent care programme project group for approval. The project group had been set up with a similar framework and governance arrangements to the NHS 111 project group and membership included lead representatives from system partners, including clinicians, with some yet to be identified and others to be co-opted as appropriate for the project.

Decision/Action: The Board approved the terms of reference subject to formal ratification “virtually” by the Chair.

Winter Plan Update

An update was provided around actions and progress since the last meeting. The prioritisation exercise had been undertaken and had resulted in 15 proposed schemes. Following discussion the Board was pleased to note the development of KPIs to support outcome measures that would determine the success of the schemes and identify those that provided the greatest impact.

Decision/Action: Further clarification was requested regarding categorisation of schemes, confirmed funding and the total value of the schemes in category 3 by the end of the week along with the communication plan

Performance Dashboard

An update was provided of performance against metrics, continued high attendances and the significant number of ambulance handovers over 60 minutes, were noted. The importance of the “so what”, the “what now” and the “how” aspects were noted.

Decision/Action: The Chair would raise the ambulance handovers at the Senior Leadership Team meeting.

Mental Health, IRS and Community Services Updates

An update was provided noting continued pressure on both mental health, community and care services, and the impacts of this on urgent and emergency care services. The Board welcomed the overview provided of the IRS service and the description of the pathway in via a single access point.

Decision/Action: The risks highlighted would be raised by the Chair at the Senior Leadership Team meeting.

Governance and Workstreams

A proposed governance model was presented for discussion, this was aligned to the winter plan structure with key workstreams and would provide a mechanism for accountability, assurance and to raise any issues or risks for escalation. A mechanism for rapid actions arising from a demand and capacity perspective should be included along with clarity on the terms of reference for the workstreams.

Decision/Action: The model would be amended in line with discussions and brought to the next meeting.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Steve Christian Senior Responsible Officer and Chair

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